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Department of Nursing care

We are providing high quality personalized nursing care based on international standards meeting individual patient needs.

Nursing Care Department at National Hospital and Medical Center, Lahore is focused on providing high quality personalized nursing care based on international standards meeting individual patient needs. The holistic care provided by nursing staff is directly supervised by experienced personnel that includes senior nursing team leaders having international expertise. Patient safety is one of the top most priorities of nursing care and all patients are actively involved in their safe care journey. The specialized 24 hours nursing coverage in all inpatient areas is staffed adequately based on international standards. Continuous education is the key to success for our staff development which results in enhanced quality care and best patient experience. Nursing staff is trained to specialize in their routine work based on the expertise required for each area as below

  • Emergency Nurses
  • Critical Care Nurses (ICU, HDU, CICU, Post-Op)
  • NICU Nurse
  • Medical Surgical Nurse
  • Infection Control Nurse
  • Operating Room Nurse
  • Quality Improvement Nurse

Nursing Service

International standards nursing care

Nurses are competent to cater all individual needs of the patient that varies from hygiene care to ventilatory care.

Enhanced patient experience

Nursing staff is trained on soft skills so that they respond to patient with empathy. We are the only hospital in Pakistan who is solely focus on enhancing patient experience via care and communication.

Quality Improvement Programs

Patient feedback and quality improvement is integral component of our daily routine. All patient feedback are considered as of prime importance.

Surgical site infection surveillance

Our specialized infection control nurses are trained to track patient after surgery starting from immediate post-op till 30 days (even after discharge). We follow strict guidelines of World Health Organization.

Positive work environment

Our nursing staff are motivated and encouraged for better team work – We believe that positive work environment and motivated staff will ultimately show us results on patient outcomes.

Future of Nursing Services in NHMC

We believe to create an environment where clinical nursing is chosen as prime choice for all nursing personnel and our objective is to become the best hospital of Lahore with regard to nursing care. This will not only benefit individual nurses but also, we will be a role model to nation with our unique practices.

Principal Message

A nurse educator bears the great responsibility to teach the art of nursing and also inculcates a caring heart and soul in his students.  As a Principal, at College of Nursing, National Hospital and Medical Center, it will be my responsibility to teach my students not only the theoretical and empirical knowledge but also to make them responsible and learned health care providers of global village. Perhaps, I owe this legacy from my respectable teachers who are my role model to deliver this sacred job of teaching.


Frequencty Asked Questions (FAQs)